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Beauty and Wellness Programs

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Build a Career Through Our Cosmetology, Massage Therapy, Esthetics Programs and More.

Beauty and Wellness is a growing industry - and you can join in the growth trend by enrolling in one of our career programs at Fortis! If you like helping others look their best, you know what a fulfilling career cosmetology can be! Whether you are interested in cosmetology or massage therapy, imagine having a career doing what you love to do.  

Cosmetology is a creative profession in the field of beauty and wellness that offers job flexibility and a wealth of unique advantages including real opportunities to start your own business.  Many professionals enjoy the opportunity to choose their own hours or even work part time.  Fortis beauty schools can prepare you to become a beauty professional, qualified to pursue a career as a cosmetologist working in a variety of salon and beauty and wellness facilities. You may even dream of opening your own private cosmetology business. 

The Fortis Massage Therapy program can provide you with a basic understanding of the fundamentals of massage. Through lecture and hands-on instruction in massage techniques, pathology, anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology, you will become prepared to successfully enter the massage industry. The program provides training in the various techniques currently practiced in massage therapy clinics. 

Whether you choose to serve your clients in a salon, own your own salon, spa or massage therapy business; or opt for the excitement of a career in fashion or product education, Fortis beauty schools, cosmetology and massage therapy programs can help you reach your artistic, technical, and lifestyle goals.

Melissa S. - Cosmetology Graduate